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Cinema Studies grad Ben Murphy (B.A., 2015) wins American Cinema Editors internship

Cinema Studies grad Ben Murphy (B.A., 2015) wins American Cinema Editors internship

Ben Murphy, a Cinema Studies and Journalism and Electronic double major (a spring 2015 graduate), has won an American Cinema Editors internship after a nationwide competition.  Only two were awarded. 

Besides films that he made while studying at UT, Ben worked on his brother Scott's feature film, Ain't It Nowhere, which played at the Knoxville Film Festival last fall.  The brothers also made the "making of" documentary for the DVD and BluRay release of James Ponsoldt's The End of the Tour.   Ben learned in December that he was among the ten selected to go to California and interview for the internship.  He did so in January and soon after learned that he had won the internship.   He and the other recipient, Gretchen Schroeder (from the University of Miami), were given the plaques recognizing their award by Alan Heim, the editor of such films as All that Jazz, Network, Lenny, Star 80, The Notebook, and many others. (See picture.)

Since he began his internship, Ben has been sitting in and observing different cutting rooms for scripted TV shows, scripted features, and reality shows. He's watched the editors and assistant editors work and been walked through their processes.   He's toured around LA post-production facilities, including Technicolor, FotoKem (the last film processing house in LA), a VFX facility, and some sound recording and mixing studios (including the one where they mixed David O. Russell's American Hustle and Joy).

Finally, he attended the ACE awards ceremony, the Eddie Awards (see picture), and was recognized in front of the entire room of editors and other creatives (including JJ Abrams, Lawrence Kasdan, and Pete Docter, to name a few). The internship should provide Ben a web of contacts that will lead to assistant editing jobs, leading one day to become an editor. For those interested, a description of the internship by ACE can be found here): (click the "about the internship" tab).  Congratulations and best of luck to Ben.

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